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Shakespeare in the Park

Hubcity Theatre Company presents: Shakespeare in the Park: Twelfth Night.

This image was drafted to be publicized but never made it into printing.

This production was performed on July 3,4, and 5 at noon. Despite being rained out one evening and forced into a rain location, the cast was up to the challenge. The last two shows went off fantastically, breaking the Company’s audience records. The show hosted over 200 people.

Look for us next year with Romeo and Juliet.


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similar-minded men

This is a picture of my nephew nearing the end of 2007. He has a very serene and pleasant look on his face, a visage of peace and goodness, so quiet and calm, a cuteness none can resist. Deep inside, I can’t help but think that the mind of a child churns with thoughts of mischief and terror. Do you ever wonder if they only pretend to be cute, when in reality they all plot our demise? Do all children think like Stewie? Perhaps world-shattering plots form in every child’s mind? I fear that maybe my nephew plots my untimely death.

The day we go to tell my fiancee’s parents that we are engaged, her father brings out a rather large gun. Was this a coincidence or is my death becoming a national conspiracy?

It’s clear from their expressions, these two men mean business, my nephew and father-in-law. It’s obvious to me they both mean to finish me off before my rightful time. How many more have a role in this sinister plot of similar-minded men?

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Pictures of Family

This is my brother Jonathan, whom lives in Newfoundland, his wife, Lorilee, and his son, my first nephew, Daniel. He’s just over a year old now!

halloween pumpkins

carving the pumpkins

why am i a mouse?

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He’s Just So Stalkable!

I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

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