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“Free Entreprise” is a movie, 121 minutes of science-fiction references, sexy romance, comic moments, and real truths of life – even for those who aren’t sci-fi fans. Admittedly, you would find this movie difficult to follow if you have not watched any of the original Star Trek seasons or motion picture movies or other sci-fi movies like Logan’s Run. That aside, it’s easy to relate to the characters and the problems they face, even with William Shatner’s character, a caricature of himself, Bill. Basically, the movie is about two friends slamming face first into the difficulties of changing lives – no one likes change (wikipedia imdb).

What a good movie, really. I hadn’t seen the original release from 1998, but I’ve seen the “Five Year Mission Extended Edition”, and, either way, the movie is really good. This is no box office smash hit, but as for film quality, I’d give it a bravo. What I like is the down-to-earth characters it portrays. Who hasn’t obsessed over some kind of love in our lives? Who hasn’t had idles or people we look up to, admire and see as heroes? The characters are easy to relate to, their problems easy to understand and learn from, and their dreams and desires totally human.

Maybe I’m blowing the realism out of proportion, but as a director, I know that an actor must push the limits of real life, exaggerate the small moral or immoral voices we hear in our heads, and grab on to those desperate dreams and desires we sometimes in our everyday experiences ignore or push to the back of our minds. At the core, everyone can feel the essence of the purely rich needs of the characters in Free Enterprise. Free drinks for the actors, free drinks for Shatner’s efforts to touch the audience, free drinks for McCormack for his Shatner monologue.

You can’t go wrong with the Star Trek and other sci-fi film lines wittily saturating the script. For the most part, these were not cliche, but brought out the true, gut feelings of the characters and the full meaning of the film. A great actor takes seemingly meaningless and nonsensical chatter in a script, and uses it to express their character’s inner needs.

Sure, some of the movie goes beyond the great barrier of reality, but this is a heartfelt, truly unique, and enjoyable movie, especially since many of us in my circle have begun to approach the big three oh. Good laughs, bad morals, good lessons, and good stuff. Today’s Experiment: Free Enterprise – Success!


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