behold! asteroth comes for you!

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Attempting to play the GURPS 4th edition roleplay game has been a journey. It has been a long process to grind out my first character. Working with the GM, we have created “Asteroth! The Floating Head!”

Arriving at the peak of a magical career, Asteroth grew overconfident with his own prowess and success. It was this thinking that drove someone to betray him. Without ever knowing who was responsible or why, Asteroth had his body stolen, his abilities reduced, and his life left in shambles. He was nothing but a clearly unnatural, floating head.

Years of learning to adapt to his new state of being, Asteroth developed telekinetic powers and the ability to float about a few feet from the ground. Without having proper vocal chords, Asteroth’s voice is artificial and frightening to many.

In his search to recover his body, he has dedicated himself to the Infinite Patrol. In his duties as an officer, he hopes to uncover the mystery of his missing body, no matter what the cost.

Behold! Asteroth!

This head is from a Marvel comic, but gives a good impression of what Asteroth looks like, and even acts like to a small degree.


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