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If you haven’t noticed the changes in the looks and order of my blog, then you probably haven’t been an avid viewer. I’m not even sure I have avid viewers, but Spring has arrived, finally, and along with cleaning everything I’ve used winter as an excuse not to clean, I’ve cleaned up my blog as well. I thought it needed a change.

While the broom is out of the closet, maybe areas in all aspects of life could use a good dusting. Why don’t we have Spring  Resolutions, as opposed to New Year’s resolutions? The oppression that is winter has been lifted and we are free to let loose – get more exercise, spend more time with people, try out those dreams, tackle new and old hobbies. This desire to clean up our lives is a feeling I’m sure most people experience this time of year – it goes along with the feral need to mate.

Trouble is, we don’t like change, because change is an unknown and that is frightening. There is also the flip side of that, that we love change, because change is an adventure and that is exciting. I look forward to this time of year as well as fear it, because things always change in my life during the spring and summer. My wheels grind more slowly in the winter, but they are loosened and freed in the spring.

I don’t know where I’m going with all this, except to promote the change in my blog and urge you to create nuances in your life. Have a joyful spring!


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Habs FTW who’s the bad guy?

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  • 1. Vaughn  |  05.2008 at 4:03 am

    Some change is good, some is bad, but out of either type theres always the chance for the other…..? I don’t know where im going with this response, but i like the colour theme, very nice on the eyes.

    On the topic of change though, Im leaving next saturday for Alberta, to work in the moutains like a hermit, front desk at Chateau Lake Louise (not like a hermit).

  • 2. asfarasthoughtcanreach  |  05.2008 at 6:48 am

    I’m going to miss that hobbit (halfling?) stuffing his face.

    But I also like to imagine, that in your new image Gandalf is arriving to perform an “anatomy” upon Bilbo/Frodo and see if he’s up to the challenge of whichever quest they’re about to set about on.

  • 3. riphoudouso  |  05.2008 at 1:22 pm

    Alberta, V! Exciting! Good luck to you. We think of you often and miss you:( Now you’ll be even further away:(

    M, maybe it’s the hobbit that is performing the anatomy, lobotomizing the poor old man that comes to visit – now the old geezer truly believes he has some sort of power, wizard power.

    I also like to think that I’m a halfling. It is one of the races I most enjoy playing:D


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