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prestige to paragon

From what I can tell from the Wizards updates on 4th Edition, they have done away with prestige classes. In their place, they have created, what they call, “Paragon Paths”. From my understanding, you continue on your chosen path of fighter, cleric, wizard, etc, but you have the option of specializing in one or two paragon paths. Here are some examples:

Cleric: Warpriest

“Let loose the gift of battle!”

Prerequisite: Cleric class

Your god demands battle to accomplish the tenets of your faith, and you are the chosen priest at the forefront of the war. When you call upon your divine powers, your weapons glow with holy light.

Warpriest Path Features

Extra Damage Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you also add one-half your level to the damage dealt by any of your standard action attacks this turn.

Warpriest’s Strategy (11th level): Once per encounter, if you or an adjacent ally rolls a 1 when making a melee attack or a close attack, you can call for a reroll.

Warpriest’s Training (11th level): You receive a +1 bonus to AC when wearing heavy armor.

Warpriest’s Challenge (16th level): When you hit an enemy with an at-will melee attack, you can choose to mark that enemy for the rest of the encounter. The next time that enemy shifts or attacks a creature other than you, you can make an opportunity attack against that enemy. If you mark a new enemy with this feature, any previous marks you have made with this feature end.

Fighter: Kensei

“My weapon and I are as one.”

Prerequisite: Fighter class

You study an ancient form of martial training that makes you one with your chosen weapon, creating a combination of destruction that few foes can long stand against.

Kensei Path Features

Kensei Control Action (11th level): You can spend an action point to reroll one attack roll, damage roll, skill check, or ability check, instead of taking an extra action.

Kensei Focus (11th level): You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls with a melee weapon of your choice.

Kensei Mastery (16th level): You gain a +4 bonus to damage rolls with the same weapon you selected for Kensei Focus. If you ever use a different type of weapon, you lose this benefit, and the benefit for Kensei Focus, until you take a short rest, during which time you reattune yourself to your chosen weapon with a short meditation.

Paladin: Justiciar

“I fight for justice, my faith and my strong arm defending those in need.”

Prerequisite: Paladin class

You become the embodiment of justice, a champion of righteousness and fairness—at least as viewed from the perspective of your particular faith. You are granted the ability to shelter and protect your allies and others in need, while also receiving powers that help you do the right thing according to the faith you have embraced.

Justiciar Path Features

Just Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, each enemy adjacent to you is weakened until the end of its next turn.

Just Spirit (11th level): Each ally adjacent to you can reroll one saving throw at the end of his or her turn.

Just Shelter (16th level): Allies adjacent to you are immune to fear and charm effects and receive a +1 bonus to saving throws.

Ranger: Stormwarden

“I have accepted the burden of the stormwardens of the Feywild, and this region is under my protection.”

Prerequisite: Ranger class, two-blade fighting style

Your role as a warden and defender of the wild takes on new heights as you learn the ancient ways of the stormwardens of the Feywild. These techniques turn your whirling blades into a storm of destruction that rains down punishing blows on your enemies. With each slash of your weapon, the wind howls in anticipation of the coming storm.

Stormwarden Path Features

Blade Storm (11th level): As long as you are armed with a melee weapon and are capable of making an opportunity attack, one adjacent enemy (your choice) takes damage equal to your Dexterity modifier at the end of your turn.

Stormstep Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you can teleport 3 squares either before or after you use the extra action.

Twin-Blade Storm (16th level): As long as you are armed with a melee weapon and are capable of making an opportunity attack, two adjacent enemies (your choice) take lightning damage equal to your Dexterity modifier at the end of your turn.

Stormwarden Exploits

Clearing the Ground Stormwarden Attack 11
You sweep your blades in mighty arcs around you, cutting foes that get too close and thrusting them back.

Standard Action Close burst 1
Requirement: You must be wielding two melee weapons.
Target: Each enemy in burst you can see
Attack: Strength vs. AC

Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage, and you push the target 1 square.

Throw Caution to the Wind Stormwarden Utility 12
Aw, what the hell. You only live once.

EncounterMartial, Stance
Minor Action Personal

Effect: You take a –2 penalty to all defenses and gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls.

Cold Steel Hurricane Stormwarden Attack 20
You rush into the midst of your enemies and, like a freezing wind, flay them alive.

DailyMartial, Weapon
Standard Action Close burst 1
Requirement: You must be wielding two melee weapons.
Special: Before you attack, shift a number of squares equal to your Wisdom modifier.
Target: Each enemy in burst you can see
Attack: Strength vs. AC (main weapon and off-hand weapon), two attacks per target

Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage per attack.

Effect: You regain your second wind if you have already used it during this encounter.

Rogue: Shadow Assassin

“When you need something dead, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone better at the job than me.”

Prerequisite: Rogue class

You become a killing machine, striking from the shadows with deadly and bloody efficiency, and turning attacks against you into pain and suffering for your enemies. You believe in doing unto others before they can do unto you, and you know how to deliver punishment as only a striker can.

Shadow Assassin Path Features

Shadow Assassin’s Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you also gain a +4 bonus to attack rolls until the start of your next turn.

Shadow Assassin’s Riposte (11th level): Any adjacent enemy that misses you with a melee attack takes damage equal to your Dexterity modifier.

Bloody Evisceration (16th level): Gain an extra 1d6 Sneak Attack damage when attacking a bloodied enemy.

Warlock: Doomsayer

“I speak for the cold darkness beyond the stars. I see the myriad ways that doom comes upon you.”

Prerequisite: Warlock class, star pact

You wrap yourself in the fear of the darkness beyond the stars and use it as a shield against your enemies. In addition, you examine the strands of fate to issue proclamations of doom to all who stand against you.

Doomsayer Path Features

Doomsayer’s Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you also deal the extra damage of your Warlock’s Curse to all of your enemies currently affected by it.

Doomsayer’s Proclamation (11th level): Enemies within 10 squares of you must roll two dice when rolling saving throws against fear effects. They must use the lower of the two rolls.

Doomsayer’s Oath (16th level): When you are bloodied, you gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls when you use a power that has the fear keyword.

Warlord: Sword Marshal

“This weapon is my symbol of office, and it shines over the field of battle as I wield it against our enemies.”

Prerequisite: Warlord class, proficiency with heavy blade

You have extensively studied the use of light blades and heavy blades, and your weapon of choice has become a symbol of your power and leadership. You never enter a battle without your blade in hand, and your allies know to look for the gleaming weapon when they need help or inspiration.

Sword Marshal Path Features

Disciplined Blade (11th level): When you miss with a melee attack when using a heavy blade, you gain a +2 bonus to your next attack roll against the same enemy.

Sword Marshal’s Action (11th level): You can spend an action point to regain one warlord encounter power you have already used, instead of taking an extra action.

Skewer the Weak (16th level): When you score a critical hit using a heavy blade, you and all your allies gain combat advantage against the enemy you struck until the end of your next turn.

Wizard: Battle Mage

“You think I’m just a simple scholar, my head buried amid my scrolls and books? Think again!”

Prerequisite: Wizard class

You didn’t leave behind the thrill of battle when you took up the mantle of wizard, so why should you stand back and let the fighters have all the fun? You have developed skills and techniques that have turned you into a true battle mage, ready to deal damage up close and personal or from afar, depending on the situation and how the mood strikes you. You have even learned of a technique for using arcane energy to temporarily stave off death—and you can’t wait to try it out in battle!

Battle Mage Path Features

Arcane Riposte (11th level): Imbued with magical might, your hands bristle with arcane energy in the heat of battle. When a creature provokes an opportunity attack from you, make an opportunity attack with one of your hands (Dexterity vs. AC). Choose cold, fire, force, or lightning. You deal 1d8 + Intelligence modifier damage of that type with this attack.

Battle Mage Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you also gain a +4 bonus to attack rolls until the start of your next turn.

Battle Edge (16th level): When you first become bloodied in an encounter, you can use any at-will power you know as an immediate reaction.


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a warforged, a zombie, and cthulhu walked into a bar

For those of you who are interested, I’ve decided on the campaign world for my next campaign – Eberron. More specifically, the game will be based out of Karrnath – the nation who used undead to fight for them in the Last War. This game will not take place until late summer, depending on how long the Volara campaign continues. Note that this game will be 4th edition dungeons and dragons, so someone or a group buying another PHB or two would be very helpful to everyone. As I’ve mentioned to some, the game will be flavoured with ideas from Lovecraft’s short stories, so be afraid.

At the top of my blog is a link for the new game, where you will find important information for the game. The link is called “Lovecraftian Eberron”. I hope to post there at least once a week.

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free enterprise

“Free Entreprise” is a movie, 121 minutes of science-fiction references, sexy romance, comic moments, and real truths of life – even for those who aren’t sci-fi fans. Admittedly, you would find this movie difficult to follow if you have not watched any of the original Star Trek seasons or motion picture movies or other sci-fi movies like Logan’s Run. That aside, it’s easy to relate to the characters and the problems they face, even with William Shatner’s character, a caricature of himself, Bill. Basically, the movie is about two friends slamming face first into the difficulties of changing lives – no one likes change (wikipedia imdb).

What a good movie, really. I hadn’t seen the original release from 1998, but I’ve seen the “Five Year Mission Extended Edition”, and, either way, the movie is really good. This is no box office smash hit, but as for film quality, I’d give it a bravo. What I like is the down-to-earth characters it portrays. Who hasn’t obsessed over some kind of love in our lives? Who hasn’t had idles or people we look up to, admire and see as heroes? The characters are easy to relate to, their problems easy to understand and learn from, and their dreams and desires totally human.

Maybe I’m blowing the realism out of proportion, but as a director, I know that an actor must push the limits of real life, exaggerate the small moral or immoral voices we hear in our heads, and grab on to those desperate dreams and desires we sometimes in our everyday experiences ignore or push to the back of our minds. At the core, everyone can feel the essence of the purely rich needs of the characters in Free Enterprise. Free drinks for the actors, free drinks for Shatner’s efforts to touch the audience, free drinks for McCormack for his Shatner monologue.

You can’t go wrong with the Star Trek and other sci-fi film lines wittily saturating the script. For the most part, these were not cliche, but brought out the true, gut feelings of the characters and the full meaning of the film. A great actor takes seemingly meaningless and nonsensical chatter in a script, and uses it to express their character’s inner needs.

Sure, some of the movie goes beyond the great barrier of reality, but this is a heartfelt, truly unique, and enjoyable movie, especially since many of us in my circle have begun to approach the big three oh. Good laughs, bad morals, good lessons, and good stuff. Today’s Experiment: Free Enterprise – Success!

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behold! asteroth comes for you!

Attempting to play the GURPS 4th edition roleplay game has been a journey. It has been a long process to grind out my first character. Working with the GM, we have created “Asteroth! The Floating Head!”

Arriving at the peak of a magical career, Asteroth grew overconfident with his own prowess and success. It was this thinking that drove someone to betray him. Without ever knowing who was responsible or why, Asteroth had his body stolen, his abilities reduced, and his life left in shambles. He was nothing but a clearly unnatural, floating head.

Years of learning to adapt to his new state of being, Asteroth developed telekinetic powers and the ability to float about a few feet from the ground. Without having proper vocal chords, Asteroth’s voice is artificial and frightening to many.

In his search to recover his body, he has dedicated himself to the Infinite Patrol. In his duties as an officer, he hopes to uncover the mystery of his missing body, no matter what the cost.

Behold! Asteroth!

This head is from a Marvel comic, but gives a good impression of what Asteroth looks like, and even acts like to a small degree.

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similar-minded men

This is a picture of my nephew nearing the end of 2007. He has a very serene and pleasant look on his face, a visage of peace and goodness, so quiet and calm, a cuteness none can resist. Deep inside, I can’t help but think that the mind of a child churns with thoughts of mischief and terror. Do you ever wonder if they only pretend to be cute, when in reality they all plot our demise? Do all children think like Stewie? Perhaps world-shattering plots form in every child’s mind? I fear that maybe my nephew plots my untimely death.

The day we go to tell my fiancee’s parents that we are engaged, her father brings out a rather large gun. Was this a coincidence or is my death becoming a national conspiracy?

It’s clear from their expressions, these two men mean business, my nephew and father-in-law. It’s obvious to me they both mean to finish me off before my rightful time. How many more have a role in this sinister plot of similar-minded men?

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who’s the bad guy?

Recently I’ve had a craving to read comic books. I don’t own any comic books, so I’ve had to settle for Justice League cartoons. I find the stories really quite good and it makes me wonder what happened to today’s mindless cartoons. The plot and continuity of “Justice League” should prove to be a cartoon hero.

One thing I appreciate is that humour they write into the dialogue, so here’s an example:

Who knew Lex was so bad?

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If you haven’t noticed the changes in the looks and order of my blog, then you probably haven’t been an avid viewer. I’m not even sure I have avid viewers, but Spring has arrived, finally, and along with cleaning everything I’ve used winter as an excuse not to clean, I’ve cleaned up my blog as well. I thought it needed a change.

While the broom is out of the closet, maybe areas in all aspects of life could use a good dusting. Why don’t we have Spring  Resolutions, as opposed to New Year’s resolutions? The oppression that is winter has been lifted and we are free to let loose – get more exercise, spend more time with people, try out those dreams, tackle new and old hobbies. This desire to clean up our lives is a feeling I’m sure most people experience this time of year – it goes along with the feral need to mate.

Trouble is, we don’t like change, because change is an unknown and that is frightening. There is also the flip side of that, that we love change, because change is an adventure and that is exciting. I look forward to this time of year as well as fear it, because things always change in my life during the spring and summer. My wheels grind more slowly in the winter, but they are loosened and freed in the spring.

I don’t know where I’m going with all this, except to promote the change in my blog and urge you to create nuances in your life. Have a joyful spring!

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