strawberries, eggs, butter

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I looked in my fridge the other day and noticed that all I had was a bag of frozen strawberries – used for pancakes, a carton of large brown eggs – breakfast this morning, and a box of 1/2 cup butter bars – actually margarine. This struck me as funny and I thought I’d share that with people who read my blog. Maybe this is some sort of allegory for the rest of my life, or it could be that I just don’t have money to buy food. Running with the allegory idea, maybe the strawberries represent the love in my life. I am getting married in June, so I do have a love. Yet, since the strawberries are bagged, contained and trapped within a plastic wrapping, perhaps the strawberries cry out to me to care more the people around me, break through those boundaries. Eggs are said to be perfect, so perhaps I should perfect myself or some gift that I have discovered. Perhaps the shells and membranes and layers of the egg should be peeled away to discover the true core, the core of my being. I could just be reaching for some meaning, because it could just mean that if no one else cares about me, at least the chickens are there for me. The oval shape of an egg could represent the perfect circle of forgiveness and somewhere along the way I’ve neglected to forgive and so distorted the circle. There’s a lot eggs have to say about my life, so I’ll move on to butter. The fact that the so-called butter is actually margarine, must be representative of some mask or visage that I bear in the places I work. Maybe I can’t be myself at these places, and maybe it shows I’m in the wrong field of work. Yet, butter can be good, it is a garnish flavouring to many many types of food; is that me, a multi-useful garnish? The butter definitely represents the lost enjoyment of the art of cooking. Maybe I should cook more, but if I did I wouldn’t have butter in the fridge, and then I’d have to steal my roommate’s butter.

Life is so unpredictable, so there’s no sane reason to figure it all out. There’s so much we can learn if we just listen and look. I think I’m a better person for having experienced the wisdom of strawberries, eggs, and butter.


Entry filed under: Smoking of Pipeweed: being thoughtful.

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