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11.2007 at 5:21 pm 1 comment

The song “One” is from U2’s Achtung Baby album, created in 1991. Many people consider this is the band’s greatest song, and is repeatedly found in “Greatest Songs of All Time” lists.

This version of the song was chosen, because it is recent and enables an unbiased focus on the lyrics, rather than the original video.

Many of U2’s lyrics are ambiguous – probably the reason behind the popularity – meaning that people bring what they want to the song. One side of the polygon of interpretations could be a biblical meaning. Many of U2’s lyrics – deliberately, I’m sure – include small lines and ideas from the Bible, clearly using the name of Jesus for dramatic and musical purposes, as well as driving a point home. Another theme that runs in many U2 songs is oneness, a mysterious and ambiguous idea in itself. There’s ideas of oneness with all relationships, global, international, communal, familial (Bono was going through issues with his father at the time this song was created), and marital.

Johnny Cash, a proclaiming Christian, chose the “One” song to sing at a late age. Can there be a doubt that he also sees the lyrics through a heavenward lens, and that he also sees something wonderful in the idea of oneness?

Continuing the drive for oneness, U2, pointed by Bono, has formed the “One Campaign”, a push to bring people in the world together to eliminate global poverty and disease (This was featured in a previous post, found here.). This idea of oneness, shown in U2’s lyrics and many other artists throughout time, is worth a few minutes of quality thought, especially when we North Americans have recently engaged Remembrance Day. There are divine truths in oneness, world implications, and personal challenges, when we really take the time to consider it.


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  • 1. asfarasthoughtcanreach  |  12.2007 at 8:44 pm

    Not much to add except that you know “One” is a great song when you can’t remember the last time you heard it and yet can recite the chorus with ease.


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