Game Day: Gamera vs Kung Fu

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November 3 was international Game Day, as reported here by Dave Noonan. Our long-time gaming group had an extra game night, just for the event. I rapidly put together a one-night storyline for a game of Dungeons and Dragons . This was an oriental campaign, using classes and races from the “Rokugan – Oriental Adventures Handbook”, created by James Wyatt.

The characters were created by me, but the personalities, development, and actions were performed by Wes Perry, Mark MacPhee, Julie Read, and Richard Haynes. Wes Perry’s character was a stern and loyal samurai nezumi (ratlike humanoids), who’s primary goal was to protect the people under his noble lord. Mark MacPhee played a spiritually-enlightened shaman of the river spiritfolk race, who’s likeness to Kwai Chang Caine from the TV series Kung Fu was memorable. Julie Read engaged in a hyperactive, fast-talking, shapechanging-hengeyokai sohei – a religious soldier or monk – who’s desire was to protect her life friend, played by Richard Haynes. Richard’s character was the protagonist and the antagonist of the story, a human elemental wu jen, who’s super-objective was fueled by his hatred for a colossal creature who, with collateral damage, had killed his family and dog.

The story began in, everyone’s favourite location, a local tavern, with oriental designed architecture, saki, and rice. By strange fate or the spirits’ doing, the four heroes found themselves seated at the same table, learning about each other, when, moments later, a farmer, from up a nearby mountain, begged the heroes to save his daughter from bandits commanded by spirits. This brief talk was interrupted by a gang of cutthroats, called the Gaki Band, who challenged the heroes for territorial domination. Taking the challenge with honour and ferocity, the four heroes decimated the dozen bandits without breaking a sweat. It wasn’t long before they realized that a Gaki was a spirit of vicious, unlawful humanoid. This led the heroes to the Gaki Band hideout, a mountain cave. Ayana, played by Richard, discovered his name was written on the entrance stones of the cave. Osako, played by Wes, plowed his way into the cave, seeking justice for the misdeeds of the Gaki Band. Asaka (or Sandy, as riverspirits are), played by Mark, sought to put to rest the Gaki spirits, and Mirobe, played by Julie, stayed loyally beside her friend, Ayana. Bravely defeating bandits of the Gaki Band, routing the spirit-Gaki leaders, and decimating a miniature version of Gyaos, a creature of legend, the band rescues the farmer’s daughter.


The woes have only begun, as Ayana finds a hidden cave with a large egg. The egg hatches releasing an armored, winged, tentacled creature, called Iris.


Ayana finds he has a psychic bond with Iris, which fuels a hatred in Iris for the creature that killed Ayana’s family. As Ayana’s hatred is strong, so Iris grows, larger and larger, matching the magnitude of hatred in Ayana’s heart. Iris, nearing giant size, rampages down the mountain, destroying all between it and the ocean, the resting place of the legendary creature named Gamera, the colossal-sized, fanged, fire-breathing, flying-turtle Guardian of the Universe.


Our heroes finally catch up with Iris at the seacoast, where it ravages Osako’s town and lord’s castle. Spirits guide Asaka (Sandy) under the sea to the lair of Gamera, where he sleeps and feeds on the mana of the world. After defeating the water elemental protectors of the lair, Gamera is awakened to rise to the surface and protect the world once more. Iris, fueled by Ayana’s hatred for Gamera, the one who killed his family, has grown to colossal size, and only Gamera can stop him.


To make matters worse, several miniature Gyaos creatures were attacking the area, making Gamera’s job difficult. Through odd circumstances, magic, and psychic connections, the heroes were bonded with the colossal creatures, merging spirits, and becoming the monsters. The battle that followed was epic, with claws, fangs, bites, fire breath, energy beams, ice breath, roaring, and collateral damage – the Gyaos creatures did not last long, leaving Gamera and Iris to duke it out.



Gamera’s preliminary attacks were not strong enough to defeat the hate-fueled Iris, who’s tentacles and punches rocked Gamera in his shell. Hurt badly, Gamera retreats into his shell, where he can regenerate. His shell begins to spray fire and sparks from the leg holes, then spins wildly and begins to fly! A series of shell charges and burns, puts doubt in Iris’s mind. The horror deepens as Iris discovers that Gamera is almost invincible inside his shell, so Iris burrows deep under the earth, where he can regenerate.

In a heroic move, Gamera flies to space and plummets back to Earth at a preposterous speed, craterizing Iris’s mountain and half the town. A long, agonizing, grinding grapple occurs between the two colossal beasts, until Iris can take no more, and Gamera, once again, proves his worth as Guardian of the Universe and Little Boy Enthusiast.


This was our Game Day experience, something different from the usual. Obviously, I stole the character names, some plot, and lots of excitement from the eye-popping Gamera series, specifically Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris. What made things even more entertaining were the Gamera action figures, gifts from friends, and the Neo action figure from the special Matrix collector’s set, which actually turned out to be a model bust of Neo and not an action figure.



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Pictures of Family Cash and Carter and Elvis

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  • 1. truth9  |  11.2007 at 2:27 am

    Well. That’s a thoroughly depressing post.

  • 2. truth9  |  11.2007 at 11:22 am

    Oh, also, Ayana is totally a girl’s name.

  • 3. riphoudouso  |  11.2007 at 1:26 pm

    Oddly enough, we told Richard that, but he liked to use it as a male name.

  • 4. Joe Briggs  |  11.2009 at 10:30 pm

    Glad you had exclusive contractual rights to use the pictures…..NOT


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