Lamentations of the Loss of Innocence

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Try having a look around at other blogs that have to do with “turning twenty-six”. A lot of people complain about passing twenty-five, going to the “wrong side of your twenties”, reaching a “grown-up age” or a “crappy cusp”, experiencing a “quarter-life crisis”. What proceeds is a list of life accomplishments to prove that it all hasn’t been in vain and a determined attempt to cling to youthful freedom, then followed by a declaration of a necessity of drunkenness. This lament strips us of innocence.

As a child, a teenager, and, in some cases, a college-age adult, life is responsibility-free, but then, commonly around twenty-six years of age, a complete paradigm change occurs. The patterns of the way you do things are forcibly altered, and change “rocks the boat”. Emotional, relational, physical, social, and professional responsibilities become your own – no wonder the boat is rocking! Regret of the past and fear of the future occur as youth is lamented, and herein lies the loss of innocence.

When a child falls and scraps her knee, she puts on a bandage and keeps on running. If a child begins to cry, it is not long before she is smiling and laughing again. Children bounce back. Children see the best in things. Children love and look to be loved. Children see God at work in the world. Children are innocent.


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