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Contribution: Final Fantasy 12 received high ratings in Japan. It was considered one of the worldwide best-selling games of the year in 2006. It has even been named 2006 “Game of the Month”, and the PS2’s “Best RPG of the Year”.

Strengths: The world of FFXII had character, more so than the cast. Aesthetically, the world you wander through is very intriguing and begs for more exploration. The “leading man” redeems the cast with charm and wit. The gameplay had a welcomingly-fresh and flexible battle system. The story is not overshadowed by mindless killing.

Weaknesses: The antagonist was weak, and was coupled with an equally one-dimensional protagonist. They switch protagonists as the story unfolds. The moment the characters begin to develop the story ends.

Conclusions: It is difficult to deny that the game was simply fun to play. The story would have been more dynamic had Cid been the antagonist and Baasch had been the protagonist, as they had originally planned. It’s a good thing the “leading man” comes back for his ship or the ending would leave a bad taste in your mouth. FFXII opened a gate to a new path of Final Fantasy wonders yet to come.


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Twink Talk Like a Pirate Day Coincidence

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  • 1. asfarasthoughtcanreach  |  09.2007 at 3:25 pm

    Something that I didn’t mention on my own blog was the fact that the license grid was too much of a free-for-all. All of my characters had the grid complete just before Arcadia, and were either wielding swords and shields, or great swords.

    You’re correct though. The game-play is what shines in this particular incarnation.


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