Shakespeare in the Park

Hubcity Theatre Company presents: Shakespeare in the Park: Twelfth Night.

This image was drafted to be publicized but never made it into printing.

This production was performed on July 3,4, and 5 at noon. Despite being rained out one evening and forced into a rain location, the cast was up to the challenge. The last two shows went off fantastically, breaking the Company’s audience records. The show hosted over 200 people.

Look for us next year with Romeo and Juliet.


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The End: Battlestar Gallactica’s Finale

How long have we been waiting and dreading the end of the Battlestar Gallactica series? If you haven’t been waiting or dreading the end, then you should stop reading, and I don’t like you. I think I’ve spent the last few years on the edge of my seat, waiting for the series to end, waiting to see if they reach earth, waiting for the end. It’s finally come, and I’ve seen the final episode of an awesome series. My heart is relieved, joyed, and sad.

There’s no doubt that the series makes you think about humanity and how we treat each other. The ending provokes very intense passions. What I liked most about the ‘Daybreak’, the final episode, was they made a huge effort to bring resolution. They spent a long time, showing the end for each character. They added some surprises and twists, but, in the end, you were left satisfied that it was over and they had found a home. What I didn’t like is that no one was happy, no one. It makes sense, but it leaves a heavy feeling on your soul when no one finds happiness. There is a sense of completeness and freedom, but, overall, they are a broken people. They separate, go their own way, and suffer their losses alone. I guess that suits the show well, as that’s really what humans do sometimes.

Oddly enough, the moment in that final episode where I did tear up was when Baltar cried in his last scene. I really felt the weight of the series crashed down. I really felt the weight of the emotional journey they had all come on. James Callis did a wonderful job at acting that moment.

I’d have to say Saul Tigh was my favourite character. He had so many layers and dimensions, and it is not easy to act with only one eye, bravo!

Here’s a link to video blogs of the actors while they were shooting the final episode. It was very interesting to hear what the actors had to say. I was surprised at the difference in Apollo’s accent and that Rosalin was not video taped – strange.

There’s so much more that could be said, but I’ll leave it with this: I loved the series. The actors were inspiring, the storyline thought-provoking, the action so very passionate. Well done. I’ll never forget it.

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Worf’s Happy Song

This is mostly for my friends that I game with, as they have an intimate feeling for good old Worf.

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Monty Python’s: Little Red Riding Hood

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Have a happy Christmas everyone!

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Stabbing Monkeys

A friend showed this to me, and I found it hilarious. I hope you do too.

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Latest MMO Fad

WoW was fun for a while, but upon reaching the Endgame material, it slows down, becomes a drag, and you’re faced with not only difficulty in the game, a lot of elitist jerks – and that’s being nice. What am I talking about? World of Warcraft, an online MMOG (massive(ly) multiplayer online game). People all over the world play the same computer game online, competing against each other and what the creators have placed in your path. You use magic and swords, and humanoids of various backgrounds.

So now I’m tired of WoW, mostly sick of the people and the endless grind. After quitting, I was directed to Warhammer, another MMO. I was skeptical at first and had to watch a few trailers before I’d jump in. Once onboard, I was hooked.

WAR has the same interface as WoW – smart business tactics there. WAR takes the grind out of the game, no more annoying drop rates, no more crafting useless items, and there are many other “no mores”. Every career is unique and every race follows suit. From what I hear from the diehards, the Warhammer storyline was influential in developing WoW.

It’s just fun. You can do all the stuff you like to do and not have to spend countless hours doing things you don’t like to do. The Realm versus Realm (RvR as opposed to PvP) battles are not dominated by gear, or one or two people. They are huge battles with many players, of many levels, all contributing! I’ve been in battles with over 100 people, how awesome is that? Try your hand at defending a keep or taking one over, totally enjoyable.

Needless to say, I like WAR. What really drew me to the game was a couple of the game trailers. You can find them on the website listed below (I wasn’t able to embed them easily). Though their titles aren’t exciting, their content is: “The new WAR cinematic trailer” and “The WAR cinematic trailer”. Excruciatingly awesome! Don’t get hooked!

Here’s the link:

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